Sanford Biggers

American // New York



Internationally acclaimed visual artist Sanford Biggers is the band’s creative director and keyboardist/pianist.  Adapting and remixing his exhibited video projects to the performance context, Sanford debuted Moon Medicin in 2007 at The Box, NYC as a commission for the performance art biennial Performa.Sanford’s art frequently references African-American ethnography, hip-hop music, Buddhism, African spirituality, Indo-European Vodoun, jazz, urban culture, and Americana. He characterizes his practice as one that is “meant to broaden and complicate our read on American history.” Sanford’s installations, videos, and performances have appeared in venues worldwide including Tate Britain and Tate Modern in London, the Whitney Museum and Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, and the Yerba Bueña Center for the Arts in San Francisco, as well as institutions in China, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Poland and Russia.


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