17 April 2009 At The Kitchen, NYC

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Date: 2009-04-17
Location: The Kitchen, NYC
Address: 512 W 19th St - 10011 New York, NY
Website: http://thekitchen.org

Visual artist and musician Sanford Biggers‘ work examines the complex collisions between culture and commodity in contemporary society. For these evenings, Biggers presents a unique mash-up of improvised music, live video mixing, and text, with a small ensemble of dancers whose choreographed movements cast geometric light patterns throughout the space. Drawing from ancient African and Buddhist spiritual traditions, Dadaist theory, YouTube music culture, and John Biggers’ afro- futurist paintings, Biggers explores the specific cultural concerns of the contemporary political climate, using the socio-spiritual meanings of coded symbols and geometries to transform the mundane into the remarkable.

These performances feature Biggers (keyboards, laptop), Mark Hinds (video), Imani Uzuri (vocals), Martin Luther (guitar and vocals), and Andrew Palermo and Taye Diggs’ dre.dance (dance) alongside several other guest performers.


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